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In the beginning God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness. The scripture does not say anything less than God. That means exact image and likeness. Satan says not exactly. Unfortunately, we say amen. Why is that? Because we inherited Eve's tendency to resonate and believe in the lie of the devil. read more>>>>

Only One God

This is the first commandment saying: "Thou shall have no other gods before me." Does the world have only one god? Maybe yes, but which god? The god of the living or the god of the dead? This is the way Satan defocuses the power of our mind and emotion into worshiping many gods, a Satanic technique that is very much working against us today. read more>>>>


This is the second commandment of God telling us not to worship and serve idols. Idolatry is another Satanic technique that disorients our mental and emotional powers from the image of God within us to none-living graven images that could not even move unless they are pushed or dragged. read more>>>>

The Name of the Father

The Father in heaven complained about the prophets who taught His people to forget His name, because He said that those who call on the name shall be delivered. In contradiction of the third commandment, the world has taken the name in vain by forgetting it. The King James Version of the Bible says the name is Jehova, while the New Living Translation says Yahweh. Do you know that tracing back the origin of Jehovah and Yahweh leads to the true name of the Father? read more>>>>


The Bible says Seventh day of the week. The Roman Catholic Church says Sunday, but Sunday is the first day of the week in our calendar. Is the 7th Day Adventists Church correct in saying it should be Saturday. We must find out what day is the true Sabbath, because Jerusalem was destroyed by her enemies for violating the the fourth Commandment on the Sabbath. read more>>>>

Name Of The Son

The Bible says the name of our Savior is Jesus. The Bible also says that He was born in Bethlehem, and a descendant of David. That means He was Hebrew when He walked the earth. Is Jesus a Hebrew name? No, there is nothing Hebrew in the name, because Jesus is not His name. read more>>>>

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