The Bible Does Not Say We All Came From Adam And Eve

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Both the creationists and the evolutionists agree that the Bible says we all came from Adam and Eve. This is the basis of the debate between the two groups for centuries. Problem is that the Bible does not say all humans came from Adam and Eve. The following video illustrates what the Bible says:

This is what I am saying. The Bible is actually saying that there were other people separate from the family of Adam and Eve. Let's review more closely Genesis 1 and 2:

Below is another video to illustrate further our idea of two lineages of man in the Bible:

The Bible portrays clearly that there are two lineages: 1) the sons of the gods created in Chapter 1 which Cain joined in and established his descendants and; 2) the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve through Seth, Enos, Noah, Abraham and Jacob. They were the people who called on the name of Yahuwah, the Israelites. The people for whom the Son of God came to save:

Matthew 15:34 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

This is the reason why the scriptures were originally in Hebrew, the prophets and the Son of God were born Hebrew. Israel is the priority of Salvation.

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