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Welcome to iaminman.com.

The phrase iaminman is telling us what God has been trying to tell us since the very beginning. This is, however, what the evil one has been working against from the very beginning too.

God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... Genesis1:26 does not say anything less than God. It says in our image, after our likeness period. In Genesis 2:7 God breath life into man and man became a living soul. This breath of life is still flowing through the silver chord of every man mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12:6 for as long as man stands above the earth where he was taken from. Our connection to God is constant even when we sleep. The Son of God even went further by saying in Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34 that we are gods.

The image of God in us is as powerful as God. The enemy of life defocuses this power by introducing many gods and idolatry in the world. The God of Abraham gave the 10 commandments with the first four commandments telling His people that there is no other God but Him and gave them His name YaHuWaH so there will be no mistake. YaHuWaH told His people not to practice idolatry and remember the Sabbath day to make them uniquely different from the rest of the world, and thereby show His power through them.

What the enemy of life did and is doing now is lead the world including Israel to practice idolatry, forget the Sabbath day, and forget the name of the Father. The Son of God came 2000 years ago and gave His name so by that name the world might be save. The meaning of the name of the Son in Hebrew was YaHuWaH saves pronounced Yahuswah, but Satan changed the name into Greek to mean god Zeus. Unfortunately, the world even Israel say Amen.

That is why the image of YaHuWaH in us does not seem to work because Satan is using the power of our mind and emotion by leading us away from the power of life within us. Let us call this the Satanic technique. What now? Let us reverse the Satanic spell by worshipping only YaHuWaH, stop worshipping idols, call on the name of the Father and the Son, and remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. This is what this web site is all about.